Why Build With Laborers?

That project is your baby and your headache. Pull it off well, and you’re a hero. Pull it off poorly, and you could be out of a job. When so much is on the line, you want contractors, subcontractors, and workers on whom you count. You want people you can trust, people who won’t let you down, people who solve problems instead of creating them. That’s why you want Laborers and their signatory contractors. They know how to do the job right, on time, every time. They know how to work safely. They can even help you move potentially controversial projects through tricky political waters. That’s all a part of doing business with the Laborers and their contractors.

A Message To The Open Shop Sector

We’re not here to give you a hard time. Whether you work union only in some areas of the country, double breast, or work exclusively open shop, we see you as prospective clients, and we want your business. We’re confident that when you look at what LECET, LIUNA, and the Tri-Funds have to offer signatory contractors, you will want to work with us. You’ll want to work with us because we’ll help you research markets, develop new business, win projects, enhance your competitiveness, and increase your bottom line. Not to mention the well-trained, highly skilled Construction Craft Laborers who do the job safely, on budget, and on time, every time.

Construction Laborers’ Local 355

1500 E Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, Mi 49014

phone 269 962 8010 fax 269 962 1431

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